Outdoor Voltage Transformers


These are voltage transformers type for outdoor installation. The resin is cycloaliphatic and outdoor proof. Because it is vacuum impregnated and cured under a long thermally controlled cycle, an insulating material of high electrical and mechanical qualities, resistance to ultraviolet rays and the effects of tracking, erosion and ageing, is thus obtained. For an increase in the creep age distance, the insulation body is equipped with double sheds, the shape of which has been determined aftermany years of research. They contain up to three windings for revenue metering and protection purposes. An extra 100/3 V winding can be provided in case the earth fault detection is demanded. Their cores are constructed from high quality siliceoussteel laminations. If an additional ratio is requested, thiscan be achieved by an intermediate terminal at the secondary coil or an additional coil. We also produce “railway type” voltage transformer with low resistance shield.

Um up to 36 kV
Test voltages up to 36 / 70 / 170 kV
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz or 16 2/3 Hz
Rated primary voltage 3000 V up to 20000 V for double pole
  3000 / √3 V up to 30000 / √3 V for single pole
Rated secondary voltage 100 V or 110 V for double pole
  100 / √3 V or 110 / √3 V for single pole
Accuracy class 0,1 up to 3 for measuring and 3P or 6P for protection
Thermal limiting output up to 600 VA
Thermal limit current 6 A at U = 1,9 x UN  for 8 hours
Cantilever strength > 5000 N
Partial discharge free, according to IEC 61869-3